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Direct Sellers Day

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Celebrating the Empowering Direct Selling Opportunity 

To help raise awareness of the direct selling model, DSA Canada celebrates Direct Sellers Day annually on the third Wednesday in September.

Our first annual Direct Sellers Day took place on September 16, 2020. The theme, Direct. Social. Influential, focused on how direct selling empowers individuals and highlighted the positive social and influential impact independent sales consultants (ISCs) and direct sellers have on Canadians.

Individuals across Canada celebrated with us by sharing their direct, social and influential direct selling stories.

How Can I Help Raise Awareness?

You can help raise awareness of the empowering direct selling opportunity year-round. Simply follow any of the steps below to continue to show your support.

Step 1: Get Social With Us

Engaging in social media

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to learn more about direct selling and to participate in upcoming events and much more.

Step 2: Purchase A Mug

Mug image

You can still purchase a limited edition Direct Sellers Day mug for $15 to show your support for our DSEF Scholarship Program, helping more youth become aware of the direct selling opportunity.Direct Sellers Day Mug

Step 3: Share Your Story

Image of South Asian Women

It’s important to share your empowering direct selling experiences to help raise awareness.

Don’t wait for Direct Sellers Day, share your story anytime and tag us @DSACanada in your posts and use the hashtag #DirectSellingOpportunity.

Why it’s Important to Raise Awareness

Many Canadians are not aware of the direct selling model and how it can be a benefit to them, especially during these uncertain times. Participating in Direct Sellers Day, or simply sharing your experiences, will help people become aware of the following key direct selling benefits:

  1. Local and Direct Access to Goods and Services
    Help others understand there are other ways to purchase goods and services safely in their community without having to visit a traditional retail location.
  2. Income Supplementation
    Help others become aware of alternate ways that they can be  supplementing their current earnings. Becoming a full or part-time independent sales consultant for a direct seller, could be a viable entrepreneurial opportunity without the need for an initial large financial investment.
  3. Consumer Protection
    DSA Canada member companies and their independent sales consultants abide by a strict industry Codes of Ethics and Business Practices which covers product sales, consumer care, recruitment and sales force relations.

Direct Sellers Day Live 2020

On September 16th, the DSA Canada team kicked-off the first annual Direct Sellers Day with some amazing guest speakers, who provided insights into successful entrepreneurship and how the direct selling industry continues to grow and thrive.

Watch the taped event to learn how DSA Canada is sharing the true, positive story of direct selling and how you can get involved.

contest img2020 Direct Sellers Day Contest Winners!

The winners for our Direct Sellers Day $200 Visa Gift Card Contest were:

  1. Kim Kay,
  2. Jennie Maynard,
  3. Shirley Thompson,
  4. Fatima Sumar, and
  5. Vanessa DesLaurier!

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you to everyone who participated in Direct Sellers Day. You have helped increase awareness of the empowering direct selling opportunity.

For full contest rules and regulations, click here.