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Jackie McClements

Date: 25 Jun, 2018

Jackie comes with 17 years of experience in the network marketing industry with a focus in sales. Throughout her career, Jackie has held various positions with four direct selling companies, all of whom have been proud members of the DSA. Other areas of the business Jackie has direct impact on includes; customer service, training, events and recognition, field development, marketing and communications, PR and social media.

She attributes her success to working closely with the field, learning what works, what keeps them engaged, and what drives their success. Jackie feels her biggest accomplishment was working at a very grass roots level building brand and opportunity awareness to expand business across Canada. Now, as Vice President and General Manager of MONAT Canada, Jackie continues to be motivated by her sincere passion for the industry and a strong desire to develop Market Partners into the leaders she knows they can be.

“This industry has really shaped me to become who I am today”, explains Jackie. “Being with individuals daily who empower one another and who want to see success for others, has been nothing short of inspirational for me to do more and be more.”